Paul Robertson: Drums, Rums, & Shipwrecks

What up good people!!! It's 2022 and we are alive and well!*

We hope you are living blessed! On this episode we our joined by Paul Robertson of the Drums & Rums podcast. As many know Chunjay and Nomadik Vagabond are both drummers, so it only seemed natural to have a fellow drummer, imbiber (is that even a word?), and podcaster on the show.

We discuss everything from distilling and brewing methods to drummers and multi-genres of music. We just let the rum take us where we needed to go. It was refreshing, fun, and freeing.

What a great way to kick off the year with something light, but still able to get deep on some things. (And yes this was recorded in the late fall, we just thought this would be a great episode to jump off with for the new year.)

Also stay to the end to get a special surprise just for our listeners.

Peace, love, and positivity!!

Nomadik Vagabond


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and outro song was "Bust a Move" by Young MC from the album "Stone Cold Rhyming" 1989 The Bicycle Music Company


* Both Nomadik and Chunjay have covid.

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