Nomadik and Chunjay discuss Brews, Beards, and well…..Shipwrecks

Nomadik and Chunjay get together to chat about Ukraine, life, baptisms, cussing, and a whole lot more.

On this episode we have a “just the two of us” episode. Jamey and Nomadik take some time to catch up, check in and talk about some things that have been in our minds and hearts. 

We each brought a few things to the table to discuss and took some time to go deeper into those subjects with each other. As always, we discuss what we’re sipping and Nomadik kicks it off talking about the recent collaboration he was blessed to do with Mestizo Coffee and Dudley Perkins.

Jamey discusses the Ukraine crisis and the direct effect it’s having on his life personally. Bouncing off that Nomadik shared the importance of gratitude and how it can shape your thoughts and actions. Jamey brings us into the recent baptism of his son and the beauty of it. 
To riff off that Nomadik brings up Mister Rogers and the importance of joy and how it can spread and even in the tough times we can share kindness.

Lastly we move into beard care and some of the different techniques we’ve been implementing in our daily routines. We finish it up with a little discussion about integrating different aspects of life.

And to bring it all home we play an EXCLUSIVE world premier of a song Jamey wrote for an insurance conference called “Expert Opinions”'s a lot of fun, and you don't want to miss it.


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