Raphael Fiedler of Orthodox Review discusses book reviews, battling depression, and the importance of a name

Yo yo! What's up good people of planet Earth!?! We hope y'all livin' good and healthy. In this episode we get to sit down with our good friend Raphael Fiedler of Orthodox Review. He discusses with us how he got started with his Youtube channel and how it has grown to what it is today. He shares with us his experience in the Orthodox Church and what it means to him.

"Now that I'm trying to live as an Orthodox Christian, I don't think the old me is representative of that at all."

Raphael shares with us his thoughts on his given name vs. baptismal name (we talk about the definition and what that is, don't worry!) and the meaning of a name.

"When you think of Punk Rock you think of rebelling and bucking the system..and what has the orthodox Church done for 2000 years?"

We discuss faith and music and how they intersect and diverge, as well as what certain music, genres, and songs mean to us.

"You got a  song that really touches you, how should that be any different than these liturgical songs?"

We move into Raphael's shipwreck and how that has affected him and shaped his attitude on the importance of forgiveness.

"I'm a huge fan of praying for my enemies... we have to forgive everyone... you have to practice forgiveness."

We hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed doing it! It was truly a pleasure to sit down with this brother and share our hearts. Hopefully it will encourage you like it did us.

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Songs played:

Raphael Fiedler - "Prison"

Cypress Hill - "Hits From The Bong" (instrumental)

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Peace and Love!

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