Quiet Entertainer: Covid, coffee, and cultivating relationships through intentional conversations

Greetings world!!! Happy New Year and we pray you're all in good health and bright spirits. On this episode we got the chance to sit down with Quiet Entertainer, a DJ, producer, musician and all around great guy.

"I realized the lockdown took away my only social outlet, which was shows." 

We discuss how the pandemic/quarantine/lockdown has changed the way we socialize. Quiet Entertainer takes us on his journey of 100 cups of coffee with 100 people, how the idea came about, and how he changed his original purpose of the plan after one cup of coffee with a friend. 

"They were all drinking beer and I just wanted to fit in."  

Quiet Entertainer talks about how he hasn't found a beer yet he has liked and also how he got into hard cider and what brands and flavors he prefers, and how he's trying to track down a watermelon flavored cider. (If y'all know of any or got the connections let him know!)

"I'm a pretty good listener, so I default to being quiet."

Lastly we discuss what he has gotten out of the 100 cups conversations and how he has noticed how much people are needing somebody to talk to and what it can mean to just listen.

That's it for this episode... until next time. Peace and Blessings

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- Nomadik Vagabond

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Closing song:

Artist: Quiet Entertainer

Album: Dream Sequencer (2012)

Song: Insomniac (remix)


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