Deacon Michael of Lawrence, KS on Living with Cancer, and Loving People and Reggae.

“Welcome back!! Sorry it’s been a while but trust us, it’s worth the wait!!!”
This episode we have Father Deacon Michael Wilson who is a retired deacon in the Orthodox Christian Church. Listen in as he shares his journey to love.
“The simple answer is Bob Marley”
FD Michael shares his journey from reggae music into the Rasta faith, and eventually what and who led him to Orthodox Christianity.“I feel like I’m blessed ya know?”FD Michael talks about how he is able to show and spread love.“When I first found out I had cancer I felt blessed.”
 On this segment we talk about his life with cancer and how that has influenced his outlook on life.
“Me, I’m a  brandy guy."
Of course we discuss drinks and we learn about Serbian brandy traditions of burying brandy when a son is born and having that same brandy when he is married.
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Closing song "Jah Heavy Load" by Ijahman off of the "Haile Hymn" album
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