Everyday Orthodox: Jamey joins Elissa Bjeletich Davis to discuss his journey to Orthodoxy, the Unexpected Joy EP, and faith & art

Greetings family! We hope y'all are living good!! 

On this episode we run an interview Jamey did on Everyday Orthodox, hosted by Elissa Bjeletich Davis, a show about regular people and their journey into the Orthodox Christian faith. Some are creatives, some are clergy, and many are regular people sharing their story.

Jamey was in Austin at this time for the release party of Unexpected Joy and was able to swing by her studio and discuss Jamey's journey to Orthodox Christianity from evangelical Christianity, as well as his family's background in Mormonism—and how church history played a part in his journey.

They also get into Jamey's experience in the recording industry, specifically the "Christian" music scene. They delve into the identity crisis of Christian musicians and getting pigeonholed.

The last part of the show is the two of them discussing the Unexpected Joy EP, what the creative process was like and the inspiration for the songs. As is typical on the show this episode is deep, yet fun at the same time. Hope y'all dig it!! 


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The songs in this episode are from "Unexpected Joy" and"Royal Check" by Royal Ruckus

1. There Is No God

2. Christos Anesti

3. He Spread His Arms

4. You Know Who I Am



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