Elissa Bjeletich talks with Jamey about raising kids, finding a church, and losing her infant son

Elissa Bjeletich on having kids, writing books, and losing an infant

On being a podcaster

On treatment for daughter’s cleft palate

On being an author and speaker

On converting to Orthodox Christianity

“There is a lot to be said by just showing up.” - Jamey

On infant death

“Why would this happen? Why would God give you a gift like that and take it away?” - Elissa

“That was the worst period of my life, obviously. It was so dark and so hard.” - Elissa

Life as a frame tale

“These things can destroy us or they can make us stronger. And that’s not always entirely up to us, but for whatever part of it that is up to us, we have to choose that and actively take that path of growing stronger.” - Jamey

“Why not me?” - Elissa

Find her on: elissabjeletich.com 

Royal Ruckus: @royalruckus @royalruckusofficial royalruckus.com

On the Unexpected Joy EP: http://song.link/unexpectedjoy

Adam Buxton Skit

"Gangsta Gangsta" (Clean) by NWA

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