Ep. 16: Tacos and Whiskey with Photographer Jeb Wilson: A conversation about hip-hop conspiracy theories, running your own business, drinking whiskey, and misadventures in modern dating.


Jeb Wilson of Nashville Photography Group is our guest for Episode 16.


Jeb hates spam. Can you curse on this podcast?

Punk rock kid, ska kid, hip-hop kids.

On similarities between punk and hip-hop cultures.

Did the LAPD kill 2Pac?

“Elvis Presley, Notorious, and 2Pac were way to big of ego maniacs to ever disappear.”

On the KKK marching in the Christmas parade in Oildale.


“Dial It Up” by Royal Ruckus from Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated, available at RoyalRuckus.Bandcamp.com and pretty much everywhere you can stream music.


Chunjay talks about the history of Al Pastor tacos. Again.

Catching up with Jeb.

Talking about Mike Walker aka Flatline. How Flatline quit his job at the movie theatre.

On working at Starbucks,


Jeb burps, and Chunjay censors it.

How he gradually found himself doing photography.

“When it comes down to it, it’s something my grandfather used to say, ‘Hard work pays off.’”

Biggie documentary: http://www.aetv.com/specials/biggie-the-life-of-notorious-big

“When people aren’t doing well in business stuff, the first thing I look at is, ‘What’s your work ethic?’ Are you putting in the time?”

On awards that Jeb has won for photography.

On making music videos.

On setting goals. Weekly Goal100 accountability phone call with Cookbook of LA Symphony.

On making checklists and setting parameters. Recommended app: EverNote.

On going to movies and art museums for inspiration and ideas.

On Flat Earth view of Antarctica. On BOB raising money to prove the earth is flat.


“Sunshine California” (Demo) by Royal Ruckus from Seventeen Candles, available free at NoiseTrade.com/RoyalRuckus


Chunjay and Jeb leave the taco truck and go back to Jeb’s  house for a chat.

Chunjay is drinking a Dogfishhead 60 Minute IPA. 

On craft beer and breweries. On bourbons.

Lemon juice + bourbon + honey = nommmmm

On carbonated coffee with bourbon.

The AudioFeed Festival, and Jay Newman.

A fun story about California rappers Royal Ruckus being on tour in Michigan in a Dodge Caravan with no scraper, no heater, and only blankets.

Actress and model Savannah Clare Edwards; a former student of Chunjay’s when he was a teacher; a model for Jeb; and featured in two Royal Ruckus videos. Janelle, we need to know: who do you love more?


“Shipwreck” by Cookbook and Uno.Mas from The Roberson Bullies EP.


“My dating life makes the Titanic look like a small tugboat going down in the Kern River.”

On the current dating landscape.

Chunjay’s theories on why dating is so messed up right now. 1. People are maturing later. Extended adolescence. 2. Use of pornography or hookups and how it sabotages relationships. 3. The illusion of extra options.

On embracing the single life. On traveling alone.

Olivia Chug gets a shout-out by Chunjay. Jeb groans.

On Chewbacca, Star Wars, and Disney.

On giving back to the community. On serving the homeless.

Jeb’s favorite taco is a spicy carne asada taco. Against cheese on tacos. “I want to taste the pigeon and the cat fully on the taco.”

Podcast recommendation: The Son of a Gun Podcast (Josh Vietti), The Robcast (Rob Bell), Tactical Talk (Allison Barrie), This Is Why You’re Single (Laura Lane and Angela Spera).

Jeb’s socials: @thejebwilson on instagram

Chunjay’s socials: @royalruckus and @royalruckusofficial


Favorite song? “Juicy” by Notorious BIG.

Shoutouts: NWA, 2Pac, Notorious BIG, working as a Starbucks barista, Yazoo, Turtle Anarchy, Mayday Brewery, Dogfishhead, Spoken Nerd and Invisible Library Records, Big Bang Theory, Twins featuring Danny Devito and Arnold Schwartzenneger, Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari (https://www.amazon.com/Modern-Romance-Aziz-Ansari/dp/0143109251), The Walking Dead.

Background music by Metal Fingers, Special Herbs Vol. 12.

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