Ep. 19: Flatline and Chunjay return to discuss two decades in the music business, approaches to music production, drinking coffee, and facing difficulties in life.

In this third episode featuring Flatline aka Michael Walker aka MPWalker, Flatline and Chunjay talk about their lives and music after Flicker Records, living in record deal purgatory, and then finding their way forward without a label. They talk a little bit about a children’s project that they worked on, and how they ultimately stuck it out after a little bit of career disappointment.

At the same time, the guys talk about how short-sightedness can affect an artist’s career.

Due to technical difficulties, there are a few choppy places and possibly some sections of repeated material. It was a fun conversation.

Features songs from the unreleased Jimmy and the Zoo Crew project, and tracks from the 2011 Royal Ruckus album, Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated.

Shouts: CookBook of LA Symphony, Pigeon John, Jordan Uselton, Flicker Records, KRUM, Ill Harmonics, Josh Babyar, KJ-52, Gr8 Jason, Almnc, Eugene Mirman, Spokesman Coffee & Beer, Wu-Tang, Sackcloth Fashion, Syntax Records, and Jeremiah Dirt of Shadow of the Locust.

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