Ep. 24: DJ Sean P chats with Flatline and Chunjay about supporting the family, building a business, and the big issues of life

DJ Sean P with Chunjay and Flatline of Royal Ruckus

Sean gives us the rundown on his background

Turntables from the thrift shop, figuring out how to make money deejaying,

“How do you be a dad? How do you have a house? And how do you be a creative, and in everything be honest and true?” - DJ Sean P

“Balance is in the back and forth, but it’s never center.” - Flatline

“Priorities are never balanced either. Right? So… You have a few, very important priorities, and everything else is not a priority.” - DJ Sean P

“It was never really an option for me to not have a creative space.” - DJ Sean P

“I feel like I never work, but I always work.” - Chunjay

Flatline on the Songs in an Hour project he did under the name MPWalker

Flatline: On taking time off work, doing small jobs, and working on music creatively

Snippet from “Flowers on Good Friday” by Royal Ruckus, Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

“Summer’s Last Call” by Royal Ruckus, The Summer of the Cicadas

“Kinda like too much freedom, gives you too much choice, therefore you can never make a choice.”

“I have a priority of life. For me it’s God, my wife, my family, my church….everything else is not on that priority.” - DJ Sean P

Sean keeps a journal and a weekly appointment with a friend for mental health

“Either I’m full of life or full of death. It’s like I need to guide this, I need to focus this thing.” - DJ Sean P

On goal setting

The Goal100 call (23 minutes)

Sean hustling those beats for cash, beat battles, and so on


“I ended up just being in and out of these huge states of depression, and immobility. There’s a point where I didn’t leave my bed. I was frozen with fear…. I didn’t know what was going. I knew I needed help.” - DJ Sean P

Sean opens up about his suicidal thoughts.

On romanticizing dying

Flatline shares his own thoughts on the subject, along with raising kids

“It was more like stop chasing money, and start chasing mental health necessities. There’s always times you can slip in dark places. And I feel like acknowledging that is great. Also, like, talking about, so other people know that it’s okay they feel the same way.” - Flatline

“You shouldn’t keep it to yourself, you should get help.” - DJ Sean P

“I think sometimes the greatest gift you can give somebody is just listening. Or saying, ‘I get it, me too.’” - Chunjay

“This has not been a short road. I started having these ideations at 13,” said DJ Sean P. “I know what you mean, absolutely,” replied Flatline.

DJ Sean P on God’s work in your life in the midst of brokenness

“People are always going to disappoint you, and you are always going to disappoint people. It’s inevitable. We try not to, but it’s going to happen from time to time.” - Chunjay

“Weight in Gold” by Playdough (Krum) and Sean Patrick, We Buy Gold

On coffee, on technology

On types of tacos, extended discussion of tacos.

“U Know Who I Am” by Royal Ruckus with DJ Sean P from Royalty Check

On Podcasts, on mixing, and so on

“We all have insecurities. But we have to know what’s insecurity and what is poor planning.” - DJ Sean P

On his current endeavors with video and audio

“They Reminisce Over You” by Pete Rock and CL Smooth

"Phony Rappers" by A Tribe Called Quest

Shoutouts: CookBook, ManChild of Mars ILL, Playdough/KRUM, Theory Hazit, Oakcliff Coffee Roasters, The Bible Project, Stretch & Bobbito’s What’s Good, The Liturgist Podcast, The 9 Club, Just Thinking,



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