Ep. 26: Doug and Angie Bennett sit down with Chunjay to talk about helping others during the holidays, ministry in Mexico, and share 10 tips for battling the blues

Chunjay sits down with his cousin Doug, and Doug's wife, Angie, to talk about the holidays, the immigration situation on the southern US border, and offer some tips on dealing with depression, especially around the holidays.

Catching up with Doug
"Back N Effect" (song from Royalty Check EP, produced by DJ Sean P)
The 10 Tips

  1. Drink (or don’t drink)
  2. Meditate or pray
  3. Go for a walk
  4. Pet your cat, walk your dog, walk the old lady's dog down the street
  5. Check in with a friend who truly knows you
  6. Spend your time with people who build you up, and be the kind of person who builds people up
  7. Get off Facebook, or at least hide negative posts
  8. Go to a concert, a play, or church service
  9. Read a book, watch a comedy on Netflix, go to the movies (even alone)
  10. Give back (serve food, go to shut-ins, etc.)

Still need help?

National Suicide Prevention Helpline: 800-273-8255
Mental Health Crisis Intervention: 800-991-5272
Doug Bennett's personal line: 661-202-HOPE
Chunjay's personal line: 615-336-1807

Closing thoughts
Closing song by Poor Righteous Teachers

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