Ep. 27: Peter Daily chats with Chunjay about making music and touring the world, being a minister’s kid, and dealing with depression in the midst of loss

Gospel Music, Touring with Pigeon John, being a missionary kid, losing your father, recovering from an accident, depression...

Who is Peter? And how do we know each other?

Gospel Music. On being sheltered and Christian. On Bible bookstores.

Brian Earhart, the blind pianist who taught playing piano by ear.

On touring. France.

“There’s just something cool about smoking a cigarette, drinking some coffee, and listening to some rock n roll in France.” - Peter Daily

“When I’m on tour, I’m dying to get home. When I’m at home, I’m dying to get on the road.” - Peter Daily

“I love and hate L.A. equally.” - Peter Daily

On Chunjay’s recent tour to Montana.

Peter explains his music.

“Dead Man” by Peter Daily

On being heartbroken and connecting with songs. Peter tells a story about his father on his deathbed.

“Without You” by Peter Daily

On being a minister’s kid. On being bitter at God and church.

“How long is this podcast? And can we call a minister, and the Pope?” - Peter Daily on being raised in a ministry family

“My family business was church. My grandfather was a minister; my father was a minister. So there was an automatic, you’re gonna be a minister kind of thing. But I didn’t want to be.” - Peter Daily

“It was easier to say ‘it is wrong to drink and smoke’ than to say ‘have some discipline.’” - Peter Daily

On bitterness toward church. On his father’s death.

“When you’ve been burned by the people that also profess that same belief, it’s very difficult to separate those two.” - Chunjay

On the Catholic Church sex scandal.

“Don’t get in the way.” - Peter Daily’s Dad’s message

On his accident and rehab. On the heaviness of life.

On the collaboration between Chunjay and Peter Daily.

Fun stuff! Tacos, beer, Pina Colada...

“I think there’s a place for all tacos, honestly.” - Chunjay

Chunjay’s dad rides Harleys, and drinks out of red Solo cups.

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A Tribe Called Quest - "Award Tour"

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