Everyday Orthodox pt.2: Jamey joins Elissa Bjeletich Davis to discuss, marriage, fatherhood, ”Bad Books Of The Bible”, and a deep dive into his faith journey.

What's up wonderful people, we hope y'all are well, happy and healthy! 

Did you dig the last episode? We hope so, because this episode is almost like part 2 of the last one. You know how sometimes you hear an episode of something and it leaves you wanting more? Well we got you covered. Back in December of 2021 Jamey sat down (again) with Elissa Bjeletich Davis on her podcast Everyday Orthodox (see last episodes show notes to see what the show is about) and catch up and discuss recent developments in his life.


They kick it off by talking about the backstory of how Jamey met his wife. He shares the incredible story of his wife's journey into her faith and how they met and how they are bringing two cultures together to make something beautiful. One of those beautiful things is their son. Jamey gives a glimpse into how he transitioned from a single man to a husband and father.


Next they discuss his other podcast "Bad Books Of The Bible" where Elissa and Jamey have wonderful dialogue about the origins of the show, the content, co-host (shouts to Joel Miller!) and the purpose of the show.

Everyday Orthodox is a live call in show so you get to hear Jamey getting put on the spot by a few callers. Definitely worth there listen.


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