Nomadik Vagabond: Illect Mixtape Volume 2

What's up good people!  On this episode we are just going to play some music. Hopefully y'all are acquainted with Illect recordings, if not you're going to be after this episode! This was my first endeavor into digital DJing. There are a few mistakes here and there, but overall I'm pretty proud of it. If y'all dig this one, let us know and maybe we'll some more all music episodes. You'll notice at the beginning of the mix, I say DJ Rootsounds, that's just my DJ alias I came up with but it is me Nomadik. Anyway the track list is below and hope y'all dig it!


1.Rootsounds Intro

2.Sivion - Here We Go (Trucker Hats & PBR remix)

3.Sintax The Terrific & DJ Kurfu - The Shining Wire (ft. Manchild)

4JustMe - Holster

5.Sivion, Sintax,MuzOne, & JustMe - Raw

6.MuzeOne - Father Time

7.Sareem Poems - Bless The Child

8.Sivion - Older Now (I Made It mashup)

9.JustMe - Tell Your Crew

10.Page One & DJ Because - Crazy Leg Sweep

11.Sintax The Terrific & DJ Kurfu - Of Venison Meat

12.Scribbling Idiots - Told You So (ft. Masta Ace)

13.Sev Statik - Illectricity

14.Caramel Skillington - Legends Of The Fall

15.The Battery - Break

16.Sivion - For President (Of The Year mashup)

17 Imperial & Kinetik - Zone Out


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Nomadik Vagabond

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