Jeremiah Dirt: Hip-Hop, Homelessness, and Hot Chocolate

Greetings wonderful people!! We hope you all have been well. We are extremely excited to bring you this episode with the one and only Jeremiah Dirt, the founding father of the Shadow of the Locust rap collective.

"Definitely never got into beer, I always thought it tasted like pee pee."

We start off discussing beverages as usual and then get into music and his early days experiencing homelessness as a kid and teenager, how the Rasta community in San Diego cared for him during these times, and how he found a love for the Scriptures and reggae music. This also leads us to discussing dreadlocks and the meaning behind them.

"You have an enemy and it's not God."

We also get into how his faith in God sustained him through difficult life experiences: homelessness, abuse, divorce.

"God fixes things."

We move into music discussing his 20 plus year catalog and you get to hear an impromptu debate on who the best/favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan is! 

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The songs you heard were:

Dirt  "A Chapter A Day" from the album "Plague" Rescue Records 1999

Dirt  "Blunted Edge" from the album "A War to Restore" Syntax Records 2000

Eric B and Rakim  "Microphone Fiend"  UNI Records 1988

Jeremiah Dirt ft. J. Givens and Illustrate "Feel the Break" from the album Rebel Lion 2018

Peace and Blessings!

- Nomadik Vagabond


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