Joey the Jerk on rapping, not rapping, navigating conversations, and growing up in L.A.

Hello world! We got a fun filled episode that will have you laughing! This is an episode from the archives where Chunjay and Joey the Jerk (of L.A. Symphony) basically reverse interview each other and see how much they know about one another.

We kick it off with Joey talking about how he doesn't really feel inclined to rap anymore:

“I’d rather just dis through conversation and actually say what I want to say as opposed to make it try to rhyme.”

“It’s a lot of work when you try to say something.”


“I’m not even trying to invite you to think differently. I think conversations should work this way: I should hear what you say, and say, ‘You know what, I understand, what you’re saying and I understand how you came to that point. I might totally disagree with you, but I get how you got there and I understand what you’re trying to say. I think that is not heard here, you cannot even get there here with a lot of people.” - On California

“I think they just gave up hope.” “Were they in Los Angeles? Maybe that’s where I need to move!” - Joey on Bakersfield


“Pee underwear on my head!

-Joey discussing some interesting parenting techniques.


“My mom sowed the seed of Jesus and I think that’s kinda what’s bearing fruit. And my dad sowed the seed of education, he was from Africa…”

-Joey on what his parents instilled in him even through tough times.

Peace y'all and hope you enjoy the episode!

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