Ep. 22: Doug Bennett and Chunjay discuss human trafficking, getting clean and sober, and the many uses of avocado (with Chunjay’s mom, Kathy)

Doug Bennett and Chunjay discuss human trafficking, getting clean and sober, and the many uses of avocado (with Chunjay's mom, Kathy)


The many uses of avocado.

17 year meth addiction.

On how adultery led Doug to Jesus.

On drunkenness.

“Wine is from God, but the drunkard is from the devil.” - Increase Mather

On heroin.

“Using with a prostitute in a hotel in the red light district That’s something I don’t want to ever forget. (14:30)

On Mormonism. On being molested.

"I Love You (and You and You and You and You)"

"Ghosts of Women Past" is somewhere in here, too.

“I carried that shame and that guilt and that condemnation for 25 years or so.” - Doug

“Unforgiveness is like you drinking poison and expecting the other person to get sick. So when I was able to forgive that person...I got free, myself, which was wonderful.” - Doug

Call or text Doug at 661-808-HOPE (4673) if you need to talk.

Episode 20 with David Bunker.

Chunjay on virtue. 

“I think the best investment we can make on this earth is in other people. I don’t think it’s in stocks and bonds or property.” - Doug 

The lava flows in Hawaii.

Bennett family history.

Magdalene Hope. Rescue mission.

Oildale (a section of Bakersfield) is the meth capitol of the world.

A story about rescuing a woman and her kid.

How does a person become a trafficker? How does a person become trafficked?

Guerrilla trafficking, Romeo pimps/lover boy trafficking

"Multi-Purpose Room 2"

Rescue Grounds Coffee

Restoration Ranch Women’s Shelter

"Postcards from the Road"

Coffee talk.

Fasting talk.

MagdaleneHope.org, RescueGrounds.com


On Beers.

Royal Ruckus Presents... series of EPs.

“I paid for that album with my inheritance from Grandpa.” “I spent mine on methamphetamine!”

Chunjay’s mom joins the podcast. She used to live in Compton.

“World’s Okayest Rapper”

Magdalene Hope on Facebook

@MHDoug on insta and Twitter

Chunjay’s recommendation on making amends for sexual brokenness.

Snippet from: “Samson (You Are Not)” Rumors of Our Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated album 

Editing goof-up! Back on how to make amends.

Closing thoughts, Ruckus socials.


@royalruckus @royalruckusofficial

“Take the Leap” 

Anyone want to buy EnjoyingBeer.com?

On beards! Santa Claus with neck tattoos!

Pomade to hair, shampoo, no conditioner, have the barber trim the facial hair.

 “This White Life”

Chunjay continues hair car tips. The #nopoo method.

On Beastie Boys.

Closing song: “Rhymin’ and Stealin’”

Shouts: Cleansing Streams ministry, St. Mark Greek Orthodox Church (Boca Raton, FL) Sunday School, Bethel & The River Network, Breaking Bad, Beastie Boys, The Daniel Fast, Taco Nazo in Tijuana, Wolf Among Weeds IPA from Golden Road Brewery, Tosh.0, Samson Society, Treasures with Harmony, Pigeon John, NWA, House of Pain, Everlast, Lengthwise, Jesus Shack, Ben Folds.

 All music from World's Okayest Rapper EP.


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