Ep. 21: Mara Henderson and Chunjay discuss Health, Faith, Nerdiness, and Father Hunger

Pennsylvania. Colorado. Teaching preschool. On being 4’ 8”.

Food. Health. GAPS Diet. Healing from arthritis. Journey through veganism. Sauerkraut. Probiotics. “A good sauerkraut should take three months.”

Mara’s music. Her siblings. Singing in church.

Orthodox Christian Chants (facebook page).


“Take the Leap” by Royal Ruckus from World’s Okayest Rapper EP.


Nerddom. On drifting away from her dad. On reconnecting with her parents. Hagia Sophia Coffee.


“Lost Boys” by Royal Ruckus from The Summer of the Cicadas double LP.


Chunjay on his step-father.


On conversion to Orthodoxy.


“Bizarre, exotic, ancient faith.” - Chunjay


On unschooling. On anabaptism. On being an awkward teenager. On Messianic Judaism.


Fr. James Bernstein and Jews for Jesus. Ancient Faith Radio. On experiencing God vs. listing beliefs about God.


Jerusalem. How we got the Bible. On being a musician and searching for a church. On leaving evangelicalism. On Anglicanism. On hiking and bonfires.


Becoming Orthodox by Fr. Peter Gillquist

The Orthodox Church and The Orthodox Way by Metropolitan Kallistos Ware


On beards and manly men. On mani-pedis.


On reading and listening. The Pearl that Broke Its Shell novel.






Shout out to NoiseTrade and Bandcamp.

GAPS, Arthritis, Theology, Dads, Healthy Food, Orthodoxy and Cults, Performing for God,

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