Sojourn: Mics, Drums, & Beat Machines

Hello good people!!
We’ve got a hot one for you !! On this episode we’ve got the multitalented MC, drummer, and producer….Sojourn! For those who know and don’t know he came up in the mid 90’s with The Tunnel Rats and of course his group Future Shock. We discuss what it was like being in a massive crew and also the moves Future Shock made. We also discuss his journey as a solo artist and his beginnings and career as a drummer. We get to discuss drumming and how it fostered his love of many genres of music. He talks about what it’s like playing in different bands with different vibes and how it stretches him. He shares about how the creative process of working with the Tunnel Rats and linking up with Braille on His label HipHopIsMusic to eventually release his Sojournslism record. We talk about his collab with Ras Kass and how that came about, and then move into how faith plays a role in his music and what the holistic route is.
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The Sully Band
Burt Brianne Band
Tunnel Rats
Future Shock
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