CookBook and Jamey: ”Oh Fiddlesticks, God Bless It!”

Yo, yo!

What's up good people of planet earth!? We got another RARE conversation episode, and this one is super fresh. Before Cookbook started Felipes Garage with Murs and the newest iteration with King, E. Green, Adonis, and Nesto, and the short lived reintroduction of the reformed Really Tho!?! podcast, he had a show called Stereo-Types—named after the first Cook & Uno album.

Well this was an episode where Cook invited Jamey (aka Chunjay, aka Mr. Royal Ruckus) to talk about cussing in hip-hop songs. They discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the "clean version" of a song.

Cook and Jamey share stories about growing up and navigating being young Hip-Hop heads, trying to listen to their music in Christian households, and how they maintained their love for the art and did what they had to do to listen to those raps! Tune in and turn it up!

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