Rick Lee James on chaplaincy, music, and loving people like Mister Rogers did

Welcome good people we hope you're doing well! We're back atcha with a beautiful conversation with Rick Lee James. He's a worship music leader, singer, and songwriter, with his first album coming out in 1997. He's also a speaker, author, and host of the podcasts "Voices in My Head" and "Welcome to the Neighborhood: A Mr. Rogers Tribute Podcast," and most recently—a hospital chaplain.

"It's how I make sense of the world."

Rick discusses with us the impact of music on his life and shares with us the beginnings of him playing music, the plethora of instruments he plays, and how his faith impacts his songwriting process.

"We should have music about divorce and drug abuse. Sometimes Christian Music feels so inauthentic."

We discuss the crossroads of faith and music, and the tension of being real and sharing your faith in the world and not sounding cliché.

Lastly we move into some of his newer projects, including recording an unreleased Rich Mullins song, how he started the Mr. Rogers Say twitter account, as well as his latest song "As I Walk These Halls."

"You're here to witness to these people."

We discuss the lyrical inspiration of his latest single and how being a hospital chaplain has effected him.

And of course we finish up the convo with a discussion about Mister Rogers, his impact on our lives, and the world. Rick shares with us how Mr. Rogers helped him in a dark time in his life as well as his chaplaincy and life.

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Closing song: Rick Lee James " As I Walk These Halls"


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