Basil and Nicole Roccas join Jamey to discuss podcasting and what it means for a Christian to doubt God and work through struggles

Basil and Nicole Roccas join Jamey Bennett (Chunjay of Royal Ruckus) to discuss podcasting, what it means for a Christian to doubt God...

Basil raps for us.

On Podcasting. Finding and creating content for podcasts. Deciding to start a new podcast.

Basil and Nicole explain what their podcast, Help My Unbelief, is all about.

On anxiety attacks.

“Things like doubt and struggle are not something we have to move beyond or conquer in order to have an authentic Christian life. It’s really about learning to live with hope and creativity and meaning sort of in the paradox between faith and doubt.” - Nicole

“Help me live for you with my unbelief, and surrender myself to you in my doubt.” - Nicole

Different types of belief and unbelief: PRIDE or HUMILITY.

“Your pictures of God are always too small, because God is infinity.” - Nicole

On Jamey’s personal wrestling with doubt.

Song: “I Sent You (These)” by Royal Ruckus from Unexpected Joy EP

“We’re all kind of in the same boat here, whether Christian or non-Christian, religious or non-religious, we’re all facing some of the same struggles and difficulties in life, and just trying to make sense of things. And here, in this Christian world, we are saying we see something very special in this historical figure—but something that is greater than a historical figure, something that breaks through and transcends that. The story we tell is almost too absurd to be made up.” - Jamey

“I don’t always have the faith. I don’t always feel like I could be ‘that guy’ to stand strong to the end. But I know people who have, and I know people who grasp that. And I find strength in that.” - Jamey

“How can you see Christ until you see Christ in others around you?” - Basil

On graduate school and insecurities around expertise.

Melinda Johnson interrupts us about a coffee cup.

“Faith is sort of the same way. I don’t think we ever arrive. If anything, the further in we get, the bigger God seems—the bigger the chasm seems between us and God on the one hand, and yet, the closer he seems.” - Nicole

Basil discusses the Eastern Orthodox idea of a “fool for Christ.”

Basil and Nicole encourage Christian listeners to not be embarrassed of their faith in Christ, nor of their doubt.

“The sort of natural counterpoint of being a human is struggle and doubt, and that’s a part of faith, it’s not separate from faith.” - Nicole

Help My Unbelief Podcast

Time Eternal Podcast

Time and Despondency Book


“I think he’s known for edgy stuff.” - Basil on Snoop Dogg


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Shout Outs: Ancient Faith Ministries, Podcast: Time Eternal, Time and Despondency: Regaining the Present in Faith and Life (book, audio book), Help My Unbelief Podcast, Fr. Stephen Freeman, Essential Writings by Metropolitan Anthony Sorouzh, Xavier Naidoo, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Snoop Dogg,

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