Sev Statik on fatherhood, being part of two rap super-crews, and navigating religion

What's up good people!! Glad to be back after some time away. A lot going on in both of our lives right now but, we're here and do we have a treat for you!! In the episode we sit down with the one and only Sev Statik of the legendary Tunnel Rats and Deepspace5 super-crews.

On beards: "Mine was growing nice and girthy."

Sev lets us in on what his beard-care regime is and how he treats his beard for the east cost weather. He shares how he sees the brotherhood being formed through beard culture, and how it can reenforce positive make relationships.

"I had one kid in the stroller, then I had one kid walking next to the stroller, while I'm holding my son on the way to the park."

Sev shares with us his journey of fatherhood and what it means to be a father, and juggling family life while holding down a job and his music career. 

"They both hit at the same time."

We get into the early years of his music career, how he got into two crews simultaneously, and the recording process of those projects. He also shares about the Albany hip-hop scene and how he came up and still represents for the 518!  "You have to represent where you're from so people know."

"The churches were always segregated, but the community's always integrated, because we were poor."

Next we move into Sev's spiritual journey growing up in the Catholic church, the influence of the 5% Nation, and what eventually led him into Freemasonry. We wrap it up with what he has taken away from his spiritual journey and how he applies it to his life now.


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