Soup the Chemist on rap tours, building community with positivity, & putting Christian hip-hop on the map

What's up party people!! Hope y'all staying up!! This week we get to sit down with a living legend!!  Listen Up! as we talk to the Saved Man in The Jungle as he talks about what feels like Phase III of his life and how he has been bringing Illumination on and off the stage with DJ'ing and his trade as an electrician. He had to Dust off his mic to share with us about the Eargasmic Arrangements he has created. Tune in and turn it up!!

"I'll be real with you, I can't stand that trap stuff."

Soup shares his thoughts and feelings on music today vs. the artform when he was in the industry.

"It's a different hustle now."

We discuss what it's like to create and distribute music vs. how it was when he was hustling in the music biz in the 80's/90'/and early 00's.

"The industry just started changing."

Soup shares his thoughts on the shift in the music industry and how he has had to adapt to those changes.

"There were times when we were 75 deep."

Soup talking on the unity in the early years of his career and working together within the small community fo holy hip hop, and how they would work together and promote each other.

"After the gig to me that's the real ministry"

He talks about how when he would tour and have people tour with him he expected them to be available after the show to talk and interact with people instead of just performing and calling it a night. You'll hear him talk about tour stories with Peace 586, Dynamic Twins , Gospel Gangstas, and P.I.D. and maybe hear some antics and tour pranks (like one involving a doorway, bucket and unexacting member of a certain duo). 

We also go into DJ'ing, producing, and how he was preparing to be performing again for a gospel hip-hop documentary called "Mic Drop" You get to hear him talk about what he had to do to get his instrumentals from his albums so he's not rapping over his vocals! We also discuss the book he has written called "Through My Windows" which is his story/biography and also a little history of the "gospel" hip hop scene. 

"With all this social media it should be easier for cats to be loving on each other."

You can hear us speaking on the state of hip-hop today and the unity and lack thereof.

"If it wasn't for Cookbook that record would've never came out"

We get into the recording process of his 'Eargasmic Arrangements" album, the collaborations he had on there and how they came about, and how this was his most highly bootlegged album! We then go into him speaking of late friend and producer Gene Eugene, how they recorded together and built a friendship and how they were on jam master jay's guest list at the House of Blues!

Lastly we discuss his latest venture of starting "Limelight Bar & Grill" in Jamaica. How he saw the opportunity and wanted to build a place to hang out and it's proximity to some historical Jamiacan sites, and how he's using it to take care of the locals.

And you will definitely hear the reverence and plain joy we had speaking with this man.

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S.F.C./Soup discography:

S.F.C. "Listen UP!" 1989 Broken Records

S.F.C. "A Saved Man In The Jungle" 1990 Broken Records

S.F.C. "Phase III"  1992 Word/Epic Records

S.F.C. "Illumination" 1994 Brainstorm Artists

Sūp The Chemist "Dust" 2000 Uprok Records

Soup The Chemist "Eargasmic Arrangements  2003 Beesyde Records


Songs you hear are:

Myka Nyne "7th Seal"

Soup The Chemist "Starving Artist"

Volume 10 "Pistil Grip Pump"

Outro track- Sūp The Chemist "Language of Imagination"


Nomadik Vagabond


Peace 586

Victory Outreach

Dynamic Twins

Gospel Gangstas

JC & the Boyz

Brainwash Projects

Fred Lynch and PID

Gospel hip-hop documentary

Sharlock Poems


Gene Eugene



Jon Gibson

Adam Again


Limelight bar and grill

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