Carlos Aguilar of Mestizo Coffee on the intersection of Religion, Philosophy, and Coffee

What is up beautiful people!!! We got a treat for you!! We had the pleasure of chopping it up with Carlos of Mestizo coffee. This episode was a combination of fun and depth. We went deep but still had plenty of laughs. He shared with us his journey into faith by way of evangelical Christianity in his teen years and how he came into adulthood with a different perspective, especially after a backpacking trip across Mexico with a friend.

He talks about the beginnings of his journey into his new faith, while simultaneously discovering  "church rap" and "rap rap." When he discovered apologetics he tells us how hip-hop it was, and how it was son some "Malcolm X, NOI, 5% vibes" and how he had to G up for his. As his outlook and perspective started transitioning, he went from apologetics to philosophy and started selling theology and philosophy books after shows.

"The more philosophy you do, there are more appeals to intuition."

Next we move into how he went from seminary and trying to battle on MTV, not being able to do it, but getting other blessings from writing and working in television! 

But what about the coffee?

"I had a coffee conversion experience."

When he has his first cup of black coffee, he realized he hasn't been drinking coffee. he also realized that there was a deficit in the latino community with quality coffee. Enter Mestizo Coffee.

"The reason why I'm doing this at all is to connect with people."

Of course we talk about his super dope coffee and artist collaborations with L.A. MC LMNO of the Visionaries crew, producer/MC Peace 586, and the upcoming collaboration with Dudley Perkins.

Listen in and turn it up!!

Music in this episode:

Souls of Mischief -"93 'til Infinity (instrumental) from  1993 album of same name.

Bookworm Brown -"Heaven and Earth" from the 2005 album of the same name.

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