Vocab Malone (and Alberto) discuss hip-hop, street preaching, and interfaith encounters (sometimes with the Orthodox internet)

Vocab Malone used to rap with a lot of the same cats that Royal Ruckus ran with. He now talks to people about his Christian faith via livestream, and recently ruffled some feathers online with some Orthodox Christians. Jamey and Clayton have him on to get to know him and open a friendly conversation. He also shares some super interesting stuff about a group known as the "Black Hebrew Israelites."

He brought his friend Alberto along, who was a lot of fun too.

We talk about eating crickets, rapping and preaching on the street, a bit about theology, and quite a bit about hip-hop. We also have the usual chat about beard care and brews.

Featured song: "Christos Anesti" by Royal Ruckus, Unexpected Joy EP

Featured song: "Happy Hardcore" by Vocab Malone

Alberto Nungaray Meraz
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Jamey Bennett aka Chunjay of Royal Ruckus
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Mid-show plug for The Areopagus Podcast with Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick and Pastor Michael Landsman, which features Chunjay on the most recent episode.


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