We’re back! Let’s get into the joys and Shipwrecks in Royal Ruckus songs…

Hey folks,

It's been more than a minute since I've checked in and said hello.

I'm sorry for my absence, but I've got to be honest, the things I've been doing have been quite excellent. For example, I got married, and that is incredible and required my full attention for quite some time!

And sure, there have been difficulties—my, oh my, haven't we all? 

This was a chance I had to feature some of my music, explain a few things, and hit some highlights from our history. This is the first episode with my boy Nomadik Vagabond, and I think that's quite remarkable. Enjoy.

Shout outs to CookBook, Soup the Chemist, Nomadik Vagabond, Johnny Bishop, OffRoadHipHop, DJ Sean P, Joey the Jerk, Pigeon John, and plenty of others!

Stay healthy!

Chunjay aka Jamey Bennett

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