What’s up with these CICADAS? A round-up of interviews for the Summer of the Cicadas

The average man knows little of cicadas, thinks rarely of cicadas. And yet on the rare occasion he hears the word “cicada,” his mind invariably drifts off into those few truths about the insects which he was taught in grade school: the cicada lives underground for seventeen years, emerges briefly, dies. A certain kind of man cannot recall such claims without immediately thinking of himself, staring into the distance, and wondering if he is truly a man, or if he is, in fact, a cicada.

The life cycle of a cicada appeals to a man.

Royal Ruckus has created a two part album called The Summer of the Cicadas (streaming everywhere), which was released in 2017. 

In honor of 2021's cicada summer in much of America, we are releasing this episode containing four distinct interviews about the album and about the symbolism of cicadas. Jamey sits down with various interviewees and covers a ton of topics...fasting, faith, hip-hop, creating music, and a bit about bugs.

The life cycle of a cicada appeals to a man.

We read the infamous cicada essay.

Ancient Faith Presents...

The Outlet - Da Gr8 FM

  • https://www.instagram.com/dagr8fm/
  • Featured song: "Lost Boys" (featuring CookBook & Eligh)
  • Featured song: "Departures" (featuring Jeremiah Bonds & KC Jones)
  • Featured song: "The Waitress Song"

Food, Faith, and Fasting

Indie Music Live!

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