Ep. 10: Tacos, Adult Graffiti Artists, and Changing Careers - A Conversation with Graffiti Artist Peas of DCV

What are we drinking? Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale

Avocado farm in Hawaii.

We met at church. Urn of FSU.

“Within two minutes. You guys didn’t even wait. It was like a hit-up. I got tag-banged at church by two white guys.”

What is a tagging crew?

The sociology and psychology of graffiti.

The many kinds of graffiti artists. Nerds, skaters, ghetto dudes, preps, goths.

“It’s an insecurity. You’re doing something. You’re saying, ‘I’m here.’”

How Peas got into higher-level graffiti.

Self-destructive faze led to getting into more artistic graffiti. 

Tame from Artifacts.

Chunjay getting his record collection taken away by his parents. Artifacts wrecked that.
Old dudes doing graffiti.

“Instead of going to the golf course, they go buy Krylons. Rustos, actually, to be exact. Krylons suck.”


“Wrong Side of the Tracks” by Artifacts.


On the scene in Bakersfield, looking at Tame’s mural, as well as some messed up sloppy murals over other people’s murals.


“Concrete Art Gallery” by Royal Ruckus featuring Yoda.



A break-up, some moves, a car accident.

Difficult times in Peas’s life.

How he got back into graffiti, and why he thinks it matters.

How to date a girl and tell her you do graffiti.

About God.

“Heaven’s what you make it, hell’s what you’re going through.”

“I don’t go to church… But I believe in God… A lot of the downfall in my life was me being an idiot, you know, and making wrong decisions, and taking responsibility for your actions.”

On losing a “career” several times. Looking

“When I look at my life, what did God teach me? What is the main thing that God taught me? To be humble and to be grateful and thankful for the stuff I was blessed with in my life.”

“I was a hard-headed mother fucker.”

On Jesus: “That’s still the battle for me…. We’re sinners, we’re ‘condemned’… ‘I’m a piece of shit’…. I don’t believe that. So what I’m saying is, that one’s hard for me. But I do believe there is a God.”

“The afterlife thing? I don’t know, because I ain’t in it.”

“I just don’t know. I’m not gonna say it didn’t happen, I’m not gonna say it did happen. I’m not sure… I know there’s God. And I believe he teaches you things.”

Friend zone?


“Graffiti Art” by Sharlok Poems and Soup the Chemist from the LP Left.


Favorite taco? Cabeza y tripas.

The Taco Gauntlet.

Duck fat fries.

Temblor 661 Kolsch.

The transition from 805 to 661 in our area.

Trim beard care? Coworkers on some haterade stuff.

RZA “Can’t Stop Me Now”

Shout outs: Jeb Wilson of Nashville Photography Group, JNCO, Fear of DCV (Death Crown Villians), http://facebook.com/tacogauntlet, True Legends Thursdays, Change of Mind Podcast,

Background music by Wu-Tang.

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