Ep. 9: Demons, Women, Jesus, and Silence, Pt. 2: The Four Temptations of Steve the Builder in the Wilderness

If you heard the first part, you'll be really excited about this episode. Because this is the fun stuff.

Listen to this one. Because, seriously this is the good stuff.


Universal salvation? Steve discusses hell. “It’s a good thing I’m not God.”

Meet the girl. Get the girl. Lose the girl. Contemplate death. - Garabed Sarkessian


“The Pressure is On (Showdown)” by Royal Ruckus from The Summer of the Cicadas double LP


How Steve drinks his scotch, and enjoys gin and tonic.

Bourbon, honey, and lemon juice cocktail that Chunjay had.

PBR - “I’m not a hipster, but I do enough to keep them guessing.”

Steve on smoking pipes.

Steve on beard care.

Royal Ruckus hand-made beard oil for sale.

On guns, martial arts, and self-defense.

On wearing all black.

Steve’s pets. Moo the Turtle.

Steve’s podcast, Steve the Builder, and why he isn’t podcasting much right now.


“Love Slave” by Royal Ruckus featuring kidDEAD from The Summer of the Cicadas double LP.


On “falling in love” while married.

On an emotional affair: “It was so incredibly consuming.”

“I would have remarried my ex…. This was more about me than it was her. It was like, why am I falling for this type of woman?”

On an obsession with a woman you meet casually.

“Anytime I find myself in a relationship and something’s going wrong, something’s going screwy…it’s like what is inside of me that it’s dragging out.”

On Chunjay’s ex-father-in-law. On saying goodbye to someone forever.

On reading books. On listening to music. On watching TV. 

“I live in my own head in silence for the most part.”

“Try putting down all the books. Try putting away all the media. All the noise, all the sound, all the background stuff, and live in silence. Give that a try.”

On Facebook and getting sucked into comment-box wars.

On the meaninglessness of so much mainstream entertainment.

“Our ‘inner culture war’ is to extricate ourselves from that kinda shock that it takes for us to feel something about anything.”

Closing song: "Time for Us" by Royal Ruckus (featuring Maddy Montes and Bonafide of GRITS) from The Summer of the Cicadas double LP.

Shouts: St. Anthony’s monastery in Florence, AZ, Steve the Builder Podcast on mediocrity, The Lost Book of Mormon: A Quest for the Book That Just Might Be the Great American Novel, Samson Society, Costco liquors, Fr. Deacon Aaron Scott Taylor, Dragoon Brewery in Tucson, PBR, Primo (Hawaiian beer), Fire from Ashes book with Fr. Joseph Honeycutt, Father Knows Best,



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