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February 5th, 2021    

Jeremiah Dirt: Hip-Hop, Homelessness, and Hot Chocolate

Greetings wonderful people!! We hope you all have been well. We are extremely excited to bring you this episode with the one and only Jeremiah Dirt, the founding father of the Shadow of the Locust rap collective.

"Definitely never got into beer, I always thought it tasted like pee pee."

We start off discussing beverages as usual and then get into music and his early days experiencing homelessness as a kid and teenager, how the Rasta community in San Diego cared for him during these times, and how he found a love for the Scriptures and reggae music. This also leads us to discussing dreadlocks and the meaning behind them.

"You have an enemy and it's not God."

We also get into how his faith in God sustained him through difficult life experiences: homelessness, abuse, divorce.

"God fixes things."

We move into music discussing his 20 plus year catalog and you get to hear an impromptu debate on who the best/favorite member of the Wu-Tang Clan is! 

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The songs you heard were:

Dirt  "A Chapter A Day" from the album "Plague" Rescue Records 1999

Dirt  "Blunted Edge" from the album "A War to Restore" Syntax Records 2000

Eric B and Rakim  "Microphone Fiend"  UNI Records 1988

Jeremiah Dirt ft. J. Givens and Illustrate "Feel the Break" from the album Rebel Lion 2018

Peace and Blessings!

- Nomadik Vagabond


January 18th, 2021    

Quiet Entertainer: Covid, coffee, and cultivating relationships through intentional conversations

Greetings world!!! Happy New Year and we pray you're all in good health and bright spirits. On this episode we got the chance to sit down with Quiet Entertainer, a DJ, producer, musician and all around great guy.

"I realized the lockdown took away my only social outlet, which was shows." 

We discuss how the pandemic/quarantine/lockdown has changed the way we socialize. Quiet Entertainer takes us on his journey of 100 cups of coffee with 100 people, how the idea came about, and how he changed his original purpose of the plan after one cup of coffee with a friend. 

"They were all drinking beer and I just wanted to fit in."  

Quiet Entertainer talks about how he hasn't found a beer yet he has liked and also how he got into hard cider and what brands and flavors he prefers, and how he's trying to track down a watermelon flavored cider. (If y'all know of any or got the connections let him know!)

"I'm a pretty good listener, so I default to being quiet."

Lastly we discuss what he has gotten out of the 100 cups conversations and how he has noticed how much people are needing somebody to talk to and what it can mean to just listen.

That's it for this episode... until next time. Peace and Blessings

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- Nomadik Vagabond

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Closing song:

Artist: Quiet Entertainer

Album: Dream Sequencer (2012)

Song: Insomniac (remix)


January 4th, 2021    

Pirate Monk Podcast: Authentic Brotherhood, Challenging Times, and the Holidays

On this episode we bring out a favorite interview Chunjay did on a segment of the Pirate Monk podcast a few years back. Chunjay discusses the challenges of tour life, and goes behind the music a bit. They also discuss the Samson Society and the importance of men supporting each other and speaking into one another’s lives, especially during rough periods in life. They also share some Christmas tunes... Thanks for listening and as always like, share and subscribe! 
- Nomadik Vagabond

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December 10th, 2020    

Alexandra Craig: Schooling during COVID, overcoming loss, & finding hope during the holidays

Welcome to another episode!! This week we talk with newly dubbed crew member Alexandra Craig, about dealing with the loss of her husband John “J-Qwess” Craig to cancer. He was also a friend of Chunjay’s, which makes this episode extra special. Listen as you get the deeper meaning of the dandelion, how to cope with loss during the holidays, and especially how to hold on when it gets tough. Forgive the recording glitches, we zoomin in 3 times zones and trying our best!! Hope it blesses y’all!!

✌🏼 Nomadik Vagabond 

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December 1st, 2020    

Chunjay Interview

Greetings people!!!

Last week you got to get to know Nomadik Vagabond more. This week we turn the tables and Nomadik take the helm and interviews Chunjay. You might learn some things about him you didn’t know and maybe some things you already knew. As always thanks for listening, subscribe, rate, review. 

Peace and Blessings,

Chunjay and Nomadik Vagabond


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Ending song from the Royal Ruckus “Summer of the Cicadas” album. Song title, “Lost Boys” featuring Cookbook and Eligh. 

November 16th, 2020    

Nomadik Vagabond Interview


This week in the first ever zoom-cast. Chunjay interviews new co-host Nomadik Vagabond. Listen in as you hear how he got on Chunjay's radar and what led him to being on the podcast. You'll also hear Nomadik's journey through life and spiritual seeking, as well as how he came to love hip-hop, and how reggae led him to the Orthodox church. Along the way you'll hear some fun banter and maybe some things you didn't know. 

Shouts out to Soup the Chemist, Fortside brewing, Jamey's homemade kombucha, and all the people tuning in!

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Chunjay and Nomadik Vagabond


November 8th, 2020    

We’re back! Let’s get into the joys and Shipwrecks in Royal Ruckus songs…

Hey folks,

It's been more than a minute since I've checked in and said hello.

I'm sorry for my absence, but I've got to be honest, the things I've been doing have been quite excellent. For example, I got married, and that is incredible and required my full attention for quite some time!

And sure, there have been difficulties—my, oh my, haven't we all? 

This was a chance I had to feature some of my music, explain a few things, and hit some highlights from our history. This is the first episode with my boy Nomadik Vagabond, and I think that's quite remarkable. Enjoy.

Shout outs to CookBook, Soup the Chemist, Nomadik Vagabond, Johnny Bishop, OffRoadHipHop, DJ Sean P, Joey the Jerk, Pigeon John, and plenty of others!

Stay healthy!

Chunjay aka Jamey Bennett

November 3rd, 2019    

Elissa Bjeletich talks with Jamey about raising kids, finding a church, and losing her infant son

Elissa Bjeletich on having kids, writing books, and losing an infant

On being a podcaster

On treatment for daughter’s cleft palate

On being an author and speaker

On converting to Orthodox Christianity

“There is a lot to be said by just showing up.” - Jamey

On infant death

“Why would this happen? Why would God give you a gift like that and take it away?” - Elissa

“That was the worst period of my life, obviously. It was so dark and so hard.” - Elissa

Life as a frame tale

“These things can destroy us or they can make us stronger. And that’s not always entirely up to us, but for whatever part of it that is up to us, we have to choose that and actively take that path of growing stronger.” - Jamey

“Why not me?” - Elissa

Find her on: 

Royal Ruckus: @royalruckus @royalruckusofficial

On the Unexpected Joy EP:

Adam Buxton Skit

"Gangsta Gangsta" (Clean) by NWA

October 14th, 2019    

Basil and Nicole Roccas join Jamey to discuss podcasting and what it means for a Christian to doubt God and work through struggles

Basil and Nicole Roccas join Jamey Bennett (Chunjay of Royal Ruckus) to discuss podcasting, what it means for a Christian to doubt God...

Basil raps for us.

On Podcasting. Finding and creating content for podcasts. Deciding to start a new podcast.

Basil and Nicole explain what their podcast, Help My Unbelief, is all about.

On anxiety attacks.

“Things like doubt and struggle are not something we have to move beyond or conquer in order to have an authentic Christian life. It’s really about learning to live with hope and creativity and meaning sort of in the paradox between faith and doubt.” - Nicole

“Help me live for you with my unbelief, and surrender myself to you in my doubt.” - Nicole

Different types of belief and unbelief: PRIDE or HUMILITY.

“Your pictures of God are always too small, because God is infinity.” - Nicole

On Jamey’s personal wrestling with doubt.

Song: “I Sent You (These)” by Royal Ruckus from Unexpected Joy EP

“We’re all kind of in the same boat here, whether Christian or non-Christian, religious or non-religious, we’re all facing some of the same struggles and difficulties in life, and just trying to make sense of things. And here, in this Christian world, we are saying we see something very special in this historical figure—but something that is greater than a historical figure, something that breaks through and transcends that. The story we tell is almost too absurd to be made up.” - Jamey

“I don’t always have the faith. I don’t always feel like I could be ‘that guy’ to stand strong to the end. But I know people who have, and I know people who grasp that. And I find strength in that.” - Jamey

“How can you see Christ until you see Christ in others around you?” - Basil

On graduate school and insecurities around expertise.

Melinda Johnson interrupts us about a coffee cup.

“Faith is sort of the same way. I don’t think we ever arrive. If anything, the further in we get, the bigger God seems—the bigger the chasm seems between us and God on the one hand, and yet, the closer he seems.” - Nicole

Basil discusses the Eastern Orthodox idea of a “fool for Christ.”

Basil and Nicole encourage Christian listeners to not be embarrassed of their faith in Christ, nor of their doubt.

“The sort of natural counterpoint of being a human is struggle and doubt, and that’s a part of faith, it’s not separate from faith.” - Nicole

Help My Unbelief Podcast

Time Eternal Podcast

Time and Despondency Book


“I think he’s known for edgy stuff.” - Basil on Snoop Dogg


This Podcast: 


Listen to the new RR record:

Dig deeper: 

Shout Outs: Ancient Faith Ministries, Podcast: Time Eternal, Time and Despondency: Regaining the Present in Faith and Life (book, audio book), Help My Unbelief Podcast, Fr. Stephen Freeman, Essential Writings by Metropolitan Anthony Sorouzh, Xavier Naidoo, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Snoop Dogg,

Fr. Stephen Freeman’s podcast episode:

June 4th, 2019    

Ep. 29: Tim Trudeau of Syntax Creative

Tim Trudeau talks about the music business, anticipating growth and change in business, and the importance of great Mexican food, with Chunjay


Tim is a GRAMMY-nominated producer and CEO of @SyntaxCreative.


[UPDATE: What’s up with Royal Ruckus?]

Catching up


Featuring songs from Tim’s long history of music production.


“Is that guy even real? I was wondering if it was your alter-ego, and you were both people.” - Tim Trudeau on Flatline/Mike and Chunjay/Jamey of Royal Ruckus ;)


Talk about cold brew coffee and on dark roasts


On how we met. And Chunjay dressing like an eighties b-boy.


A fun petty argument about what constitutes southern California


On the music business. On making deals and looking for what’s coming next.


On creating music in today’s landscape.


Chunjay uses an analogy about tacos and Taco Bell to explain why today’s rap is not good. Because of course he does.


Book recommendation: Al Mohler The Conviction to Lead: 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters


The Poverty of Nations: A Sustainable Solution by Asmus and Grudem


When Helping Hurts


Poverty Cure

Poverty, Inc.


On eating Mexican food. What good Mexican food is.


Social media: Rocdomz

Final song by Royal Ruckus and DJ Sean P, "Back N Effect" from the Royalty Check EP, streaming everywhere.


Check out what's up at

Royalty Check EP out now! Videos available at

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